Size of server for large UE4 project

I have a project that is upgrading in hardware to an NAS server. Need to know the size the project will likely reach with 10 or more branches in 2 years of development time from now. Currently my version control has my backups and overall project around 800gb and I’d like to start making more branches with SVN. Overall the project is ~250gb with the engine being 100gb (not likely to change much) and the project itself which will likely be around 300-500gb when it’s said and done depending on how much funding I can get.

Will a 16tb server in RAID be adequate or is it likely to grow to 32tb or more? I’ve never designed a project of this scale so I don’t know what to expect with many branches in terms of overall server size.

Test with a temp repository and see. SVN branches shouldn’t necessarily use a duplicate amount of space on their own. See here: tortoisesvn - Tortoise SVN create a new branch with same content - Stack Overflow

If you use the ‘svn copy’ command to make the branches things should be deduplicated.