Size Map and Reference viewer showing phantom reference

I’m going through optimizing my project. Part of that is removing casts and setting up interfaces. I have a HUD UMG widget that had casts to about 6 different classes to get information. I created an interface for each class, and used interface calls to get all the same information. 5 of the 6 classes disappeared from the reference viewer. One didn’t. I’ve been through the UMG multiple times now. Every variable, every function, etc. There is no reference to the class there that I can find. The variable was converted from a class specific reference to a base AActor reference. I do use a “get all actors of class” to get a reference to that actor because it’s not a player character, or anything else. But even if I remove that code from the UMG widget, it’s still claiming there is a reference to the class in there somewhere.

Searching the UMG for the class name gets me nothing, just the generic reference. Is there any way to get the editor to tell you explicitly what the actual reference is?