Size Limit?

Hey guys I have a question.
So I had a map and set its scale to 200 and built navigation and it worked fine. So then I set the scale to 1000. It worked but then I made my nav mesh bounds cover the new size of the map. It said it had to build 300k nav mesh things (I think they are called blocks not sure). After doing this the map can’t be loaded or played.
Is there a size limit to your landscape or the amount of navigation you can have?

From what I’ve read and heard from others is, Yes and No…200K nav is the limit but…….If you are a C++ coder with engine source code, It’s unlimited…GOOD LUCK getting that code…I have learned that people will help you to a point but when you get to stuff that I call (Industry Secrets), Don’t ask because they wont share…UNLESS you pay them a ungodly amount…16 Programmers so far that I asked wanted 2,000+ dollars for what your wanting…Any C++ or Huge blueprints you wont get free even tho most of these pro’s have copies they could just hand out freely and wouldn’t hurt there games at all…

Kinda like, I made 4,500 different types of wall meshes, and there the kind that everyone on earth uses (because its nothen spiecal like a custom only to my game and would look stupid in yours)
people wanna charge you for the meshes that everyone uses………its really stupid. By the way , you need any walls? lol…I’m working on Doors now…I’m building a huge game but don’t mind sharing meshes that don’t define my game :slight_smile:

I appreciate the offer mate. I got models and stuff pretty well covered. I am just having issues with the engine itself. Got a new issue where the engine randomly crashes inside my main map. There are no blue print errors. There is no over heating. New hard drive ram and GPU. New versions of windows (clean installs) Every other game and program runs at the highest settings. But unreal won’t even run stable on low. Its doing my head in. But what is weird is that after publishing my game I can play it fine for hours.

Without looking at your project screenshots from your project, it is hard to say what would cause this to happen. However, based on what you wrote I would suggest that you look into both Level Streaming and Dynamic Navigation Mesh generation. Level Streaming will help manage your system resources by removing levels and their content that the player can no longer see. The DNM system will generate the nav mesh data on the fly so you do not need to store it.

Its ok I figured it out. My culling distances were too high.

200k nav is said to be the limit but you can always be more creative and accurate by keep trying and checking the limits.

I was able to get it down to about 40k by placing all my trees and stuff first. Now I have a new issue. Every time I turn dynamic shadows on I get crazy shadow jitter. And a ripple affect across my terrain.