Size Box variable not being read/ returning error

Hello, I am working on a mini-map widget that has an overlay allowing for an icon (representing the player) to be “moved around” on the mini map in conjunction to the player moving in the world.

The player icon is wrapped in a size box, I have been trying to access this size box in a function so that it can be transformed around the map, however whenever I run the simulation it returns an error telling me that the player size box is not valid:

This is strange because I am using an identical function to adjust the background (map) size and transform and it reads the map size box just fine. Here is the hierarchy for the widget for reference:
(The MapSizeBox works and is valid, whereas the Player Box is invalid)

Everywhere that Player Box is mentioned or referenced it returns none, im not sure why and not sure how to fix that. Is it a hierarchy issue? Are there certain settings I have to edit? Why does the MapSizeBox work perfectly fine but this one is invalid?

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