Six-DOF Flying Pawn Tut... can I use physics force instead?

This tutorial works fairly well, although it took me forever to find some of the nodes. I guess the context thing isn’t always super accurate because some nodes I had to search for over in the “find a node” area. Regardless, this works for what it does… however, it’s not really what I want. I have this already set up in Unity and am looking to replicate it.

What I’m doing in Unity is adding a physical force to “push” the object (the spaceship) in a direction with a command called AddRelativeForce and AddRelativeTorque (in script). I can set the object’s gravity to zero and set it’s air resistance really low so it will “float” for a long way. I set the resistance to torque (turning) a bit higher so it’s controllable.

The goal is so make a first person spaceship thingy using physics to push and torque/turn rather than simply translating and rotating the object. This way it flows naturally and even bounces off other things that have collision.

This might be simply finding the air resistance/drag option on the object because when I do the last step of this tutorial (the Extra Credit), I get no movement and I have been unable to find the options in Building the Pawn step 5. Angular and linear damping might be the drag that I’m looking to lessen but I don’t see that anywhere… along with any other setting in step 5.

I’m referring to this tut for those that haven’t seen it…

Any help would be appreciated.

Yes, check how I wire up things in this thread:

4.1 (coming any day!) has a ‘rolling ball’ template that should also be a good starting point if you want to use physics simulation for your pawn.

Thanks guys… I’ll check out the one tut and maybe wait for the rolling ball template if I can’t figure it out.