Six: Chapter One

Hi guys,

Me and my brother are making a horror game for the Oculus Rift.
The game is set in an old school plagued by paranormal activity.
Each chapter of the game will take place in a different time period of the schools history starting during the late 1800’s to the present day.
The player must piece together the hidden clues from these time periods to uncover the full story behind the ghostly activity.

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Here are a few in-game screenshots of our progress so far.
Hope you guys like it and feedback is very much appreciated. :slight_smile:




Nice atmosphere and visuals. Cant wait to see how this progresses :slight_smile:

Good luck.

Thanks man, appreciate it. More to come don’t you worry :smiley:

Looking really good! Maybe add some dust or particle effects to some of the rooms!

I wonder why people think 95% darkness equals a scary game.
Look at Alan Wake, Silent Hill and Resident Evil for inspiration.

On our to do list hahaha
Thanks man :smiley:

Thanks man :slight_smile:
Don’t worry dust and particles are on our to-do list.

WOW Dark.jpg
hmmmm not sure what you mean exactly.

This is still a WIP and are not the final results, also i should state it is an old school at night.
If you have some actual feedback on the screenshots or questions about the game in general please let me know.

Some more screenshots for you guys!

Almost finished the trailer and the demo will be coming in the next few weeks :smiley:




Let us know what you guys think, feedback is much appreciated.

Many people instinctively fear the dark in the real-world. Darkness is creepy good. My issue in most horror games is over use of under saturated earth-tones. Me want more color.

Keep up the awesome work!

Agreed. All comes down to personal preference in the end.

Thanks man :slight_smile:

Just made a sneak peak trailer! Let us know what you think.

← Me like. Are you using different wooden heights (wallcover) in the floors, or is the scaling of some objects a bitt off?

I really like the trailer. You kept the suspense up. I even lowered my volume because I was afraid something was going to jump out and be loud. :wink:

Thanks man!
Nope, the wall covers are the same heights. I might have to give them the old once over. It’s funny how you can get so blind because you’ve been staring at the same stiff for so long.
Thanks alot for the feedback.

May i ask what looked out of scale?

hehehe love hearing feedback like that :smiley:
Really appreciate it.

Yes Sir.
At 0.20 the wallcover is at doorknob-heighth, look at a reallife doorknob.
0.24 next corner, table height as wallcover, check realsize against table doorknob.
And then at 0.25 the door behind corner, against wallcover, thats what i am talking about.

Thank you my good sir :smiley:
I shall get onto it.

Hi Guys,

Been super bad and not posting, but don’t worry we are back on it!

We have been busy setting up our social media, you can check our website out at
We also have-
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you can check out the teaser trailer and a modelling time lapse.

Also here are some screenshots of our progress :slight_smile: