Site (url removed) steals marketplace's assets

I don’t know, whom I need send a report to, but the site (url removed) stores links to free assets downloading through the file-sharing resources (urls removed). Not only they steal other people’s intellectual property, but they do money in it because of a referral program. Please, do something. Thank you.

How about you send the link to instead of posting it in the fucking open? Let me help you remember it for your future findings, Sherlock:

Question answered. @Kalvothe

vlad.serbanescu11, less sarcasm and more understanding. And more attention too.

doesn’t told you anything?! Oh, let me guess: you’re the one, who need to show himself off instead of giving a simple answer! Elementary, Watson!

Hey, thanks for reporting this. (:

In the future, please don’t post the URL openly visible, as this just shares it further.
Instead, if you are unsure where to send a report to, simply ask about that.

It’s been a while since I had to find the required Email, but I think it’s actually [EMAIL=“”]
EDIT: Actually if it’s related to the Marketplace, use the Email for the Marketplace-Support. If it’s general piracy, use the email above.

Otherwise [EMAIL=“”] can probably also help you, as Vlad more or less pointed out.

Have a nice weekend!