Sistema de faro

Alguém sabe me dizer sobre como fazer um sistema de faro aqui na unreal com BluePrint?

Can you explain what you mean by a “scent system”? Do you want AI scent detection, or do you want to know how to make visual effects for odors?

[translated to Portuguese]
Você pode explicar o que você entende por “sistema de cheiros”? Você quer detecção de cheiro de IA ou quer saber como fazer efeitos visuais para odores?

Well, technically, it’s a scent system where I press a key and I can see through visual effects some things like food, water, blood, footprints and so on so I can track them. And don’t worry about translating (I speak English).

did you understand?

“Sixth Sense” perception…

Basically make the materials translucent/invisible in a frustum out to a specific distance.

Well, for rendering scent, I think you should use Niagara ribbons, with a material that is based on noise. The ribbon particles would slowly waft upwards, and the material could give it a cloudy appearance.