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I have decided to go into game development under the pseudonym of SiriuslyXM and create games around vehicles, racing, and gun combat. My first game is about just free-roaming in the city of Exxem in the game Stunt City Sandbox. The world is your sandbox in this game with many hidden stunts and jumps to do. The game is set to come out some time in 2016 for PC and if I get permission from Microsoft, Xbox One as well. The game will feature realistic vehicles that you can jump off of things with. I plan to put in a wide variety of vehicles such as supercars like the Lamborghini Aventador, SUVs like the Chevy Suburban, electrics like the Toyota Prius, sports sedans like the Cadillac CTS-V, Vans like the Chevy Astro, and even trucks, like the Ford F-150. So far I have only fully implemented the Toyota Prius, as it will be the default vehicle. Remember, this is the first game I have ever made, and the world will be massive.

I will put more about it on

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Good luck.
Remember that you can’t sell anything that contains real car models without the permission from the manufacturers and/or owners of the brands.

That’s why this is going to be free

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I don’t think it being FREE matters. I am no legal expert but whether you charge for it or not, if you are using someone’s brand / image / trademark … they will still come after you if it is worth their effort. You would probably have to seek legal advice in this regard or just don’t use the brands.

Good luck though and I really hope I am wrong.

I thought you only had to go to them if you made money off of it. I hope this doesn’t happen.

Your name and logo are trademark infringing as well. Parodies can only be used in certain ways, and I doubt you can build a brand on it, especially when it involves the same area of interests (entertainment). SiriusXM themselves have used “Siriusly” wordplay, so they’ll have a good argument about brand confusion when they try to sue you.


Money is irrelevant; they want to protect the image of their brands - and car companies are extremely defensive of the image of their brands. You are much better off avoiding the use of their name, logos and even the appearance of their cars.

Also, as Camron has pointed out, you’re clearly using a name and logo based on that radio station, which will almost certainly land you in trouble too.

All of the important feedback has been said, but why did you choose this pseudonym?

They are right, making profit or not, they can still go after you for releasing their brand in any form.

You could do what GTA does. Make cars the look similar to their real counter parts and make the name of the car very close to the original.