SinSeed - Fantasy Action Game / Speech Recognition

Hey! An indie game I created using UE4.

I’ve been working on this game for three months,

This game has a Speech Recognition it means, you can speak with NPC (Yes, You can talk with your microphone).

And also i start to create Random Dungeons for Main Story and Side-Missions, Example, Diablo.

I try to combining Devil May Cry with Diablo actually.

Hope you like it!

Gravity Skill Gif

IceBurst Skill Gif

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What are you using to handle speech recognition and how far have you managed to take it?

Hi, just watched the video, really good, but I didn’t hear that many commands, but I am interested in what you used as a plugin for the speech recognition. Was it Google API or Sphinx, or even another one ? Please do let us know because I am working on something and deciding which to use has been difficult as the tech is limited at the moment.

Nice :slight_smile: liking this so far… Are you thinking of doing air combos that kind of thing?

Hi. What solution did you get in the end? What is the best way to do speech recognition?