Singular end points, ill-conditioned constraint

Hi I am trying to scale a model. As per the help, I’ve added control points to some images and defined distances between them. I’ve added three distances (each one on a different image) and six control points, 2 per distance.

After each of the distance constraints an error message now appears: “singular end points, ill-conditioned constraint”.

See screenshot.

What am I doing wrong?

distance constraints error.png

Hi steven,

I can see loads of warning signs - are you sure everything is all right with the CPs?



Each ‘dst’ control point is assigned to single image. Such control points can not be triangulated in space and thus have no 3d coordinates. Therefore they can not be used in measuring distances and subsequently in rescaling the model.


Please assign those control points to at least two images.


Also note that inspecting the distance field in constraint settings panel can lead to more elaborate info-message.


PS: higher-resolution images make us happier