Singleplayer VS dedicated


im having an issue… I created a platform saddle mod… It works in testarea… And when i uploaded it to the workshop it works perfectly in singleplayer but people are telling me it doesnt work in dedicated server… specifically the issue is linked to dedicated server and the mod loads in… the engram is there but equiping it doesnt display anything and mounting/unmounting where the platform should be teleports the player to 50/50… Or crashes their client. I cant replicate this on singleplayer as thats working flawlessly…

Am i missing something simple like an Enable on dedicated server flag?

For the most part you will want to do yourmod development and testing with the devkit set to dedicated server (for ‘Play In Editor’)
If you are unfamiliar with replication I introduce people to it in this video and the one after it:

I would give those a watch and see if it clarifies what might have gone wrong

I wasnt aware that the dev kit had a dedicated server test session until yesterday after i set up ASM to do my testing i noticed the option in the Play dropdown… Ill use that as my default from now on

Thanks for those videos they really did help clarify how the server communicates withs the clients vs singleplayer. I dont fully understand it all so i expect to rewatch those vids many more times… I do have follow up questions though…

in my case the default primaitemarmor sauro platform BP i child for the turtle platform…has two mesh spots a 0 and a 1 the saddle is on the 0 and the buildable floor is on the 1… I child it to my mod folder to keep inheritance, i change the Tag to be used for turtle, default 0 socket is for saddle and set to None i left that alone but i changed the 1 socket from PlatformSaddleSocket since turtle doesnt have that in its skeleton and changed it to RiderSocket changed some scaling etc thats it

In singleplayer it displays fine… I can build on it and no bugs. BUT
in dedicated server i narrowed it down a little… It displays 0 socket fine, but the 1 socket doesnt display at all… Its there (sortof)cause it triggers collisions… Also its not dismounting that teleports players is the collision when dismounting and touching the invisible floor that should be there but isnt, teleports the player to 50/50 and sometimes crashes the client…

after watching your videos i believe i narrowed it down a little further to the platform. Correct me if im wrong but is the platform rules dictated by the server like structure count placement etc? Is that where im going wrong?? and if so i have no idea how to even start a graph to check if equiped and to go through all the default platform rules to get it to display and function properly…