Single Unreal Engine Creature to Ark Dev Kit.

Im looking for someone who is able to import a creature from the unreal engine to the ark dev kit and get it working.
This is considering a payed job.

The creature which i want to get imported is this one.

As you can see its already rigged and has annimation.

You will be sended the files when you accept the job.

What i want this creature to do is the following.

Able to walk
Able to run
Able to fly
Able to ride ( prefer with a 2 person saddle)
Have a bite attack
Have a special range attack
Able to grab someone with C.

For this single creature i pay from €75 up to €100 depending on the speed and quality.

Feel free to contact me on here.

Or add my discord: MaestrooJ#9862

Job is still open