Single UCX collision for multiple objects

Assume 2 separate rooms, each with 4 UCX collision meshes (one for each wall) made in blender.
For the floor collision meshes, I could create one UCX mesh for each room - but I tested creating one single floor collision mesh, which extends to both rooms, to save geometry and performance. For multiple rooms, this can save a lot of collision geometry.

I have two questions:

  1. Any potential problems making collision meshes not tight-fitting the geometry?
  2. Naming of meshes gets misleading - because of UCX naming convention ending up with UCX_room1-floor used for room2, room3… - not a problem, but might be confusing. Do you think this is a bad practice?

Thanks for some thoughts

For the first part of my question: Trouble begins when doing Line Traces. In my case, having one large floor collision for multiple rooms, this means a linetrace downwards to get the Physical Material from Hit Result (e.g. to change footstep sound) does return only the information from the room floor, to which the overall UCX mesh has been assigned to, because the trace works on the collision mesh.