Single thread rendering optimizations.

I know that Epic is currently working on parallel rendering and you got a task “Baseline rendering performance optimizations” that’s in the backlog, but are there any single-thread rendering optimizations coming? Are you accepting more pull requests for that?

Related to that I got two pull requests which are still in the queue since beginning of May and I haven’t got any comment on them. The two requests are these, and they are both related to the render thread:

Should I invest more time optimizing the work happening on the rendering thread or should I wait until the work on parallel rendering is done?

Pablo Zurita.

Bumping up the thread.

These were both on our backlog, but I looked at them and they are very easy to integrate. I’ve checked them in to main in P4 changelist 2176157. They’ll make it in to the 4.4 release.

Thanks Pablo!