Single Spawn location on character creation

I have been looking now for a while, searching for the process to make a map have just one spawn point on character creation. After sleeping bag or bed is made or you die you can spawn anywhere, but on initial character creation when you first spawn in the game. I am looking for just one single spawn. Any ideas how to make this happen? I have played on a few servers that each time I died without a bed/sleeping bag made, I always spawned in the same location, over and over. How can I make it the first time you spawn into the game, everyone spawns in the same place? Thanks in advance for the help.

Is it possible to build a mod that would make this work?

No one can offer any help on this ??

You alter the map itself. Open the island map or even the small island map, included with the dev kit and you can see the spawn points. The display of spawn points to choose from is controlled in the PrimalGameData_BP.