Single Return Node Is Linear Color, Not Float

So I have multiple variables here which make up my character HUD for hunger, flashlight battery, etc. However, in this one single binding to a progress bar, the return node ONLY wants “linear color” while the others work just fine with “Float”. If I switch it to Float, I get an error message (Below). My widget doesn’t work and this may be why, what do I do?

Error Message

Other Widget (Hunger)

What this one widget (Flashlight Battery) WANTS to take. It doesn’t like floats. Why?

What property of the widget did you bind for Update Hunger and Update Flashligh Battery ?

I actually do not know. I just added a binding. Reading this comment, I just created a new binding, and it had the float like normal. So I just switched over the code.

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When you bind a property like the color of the widget, the progression of the progress bar, a special type of variable is required. What did you add the binding for ? Changing text ? Updating color ? Anything else ?

Not that I can remember. I just created a new binding and it became a float like normal, so I guess that problem is resolved.