Single project can't find VS15

If i create a new c++ project, it auto opens VS, and it can compile for windows no problem.
Any new project can compile no problem

but I have an older project that i’ve been bumping over ue4 versions that says i don’t have visual studio installed. I know the engine can find it, but this one project can’t.

I wonder if there is anywhere in the project config files pointing at visual studio location or something.

please help me =(


Can you provide me with your logs so I can take a look at the error you’re seeing?

What version of Visual Studio are you currently using? Do you have both 2013 and 2015 installed?

Hello Sean
I’m not getting an error, it’s just that this one projects shows the “Installing visual studio: it appears that visual studio 2015 is not installed. etc etc”

The only VS i have is a freshly installed VS15, and as I said in my original message, every other project does find VS 15 on the 1st try every time.

I have the Visual Studio Community 2015 version.

In any case, I attach the game log. link text

Interesting. When does that message appear? Can you run me through the process that you’re using when you’re seeing “Installing visual studio: it appears that visual studio 2015 is not installed.”?

Would you also mind providing a screenshot of the error?

Thank you

I go to “File > package project > Windows > either 64 or 32”
and then this pops up:

and, well, as I said before, this is the only project that shows this message, every other project can package to windows successfully.

Did you ever build your project with Visual Studio 2013 or another version? If so, maybe you should directly open the .sln (if you are working in a code project) and build that in 2015.

I’d recommend installing Visual Studio 2013 as well. Give that a try and let me know if having 2013 and 2015 makes a difference.

Nup, this is the first time I try to package this project for windows. This is a mobile game. (Android and iOS packaging works fine btw)
The only reason I needed to package for windows was to send a playable version to a remote team member. But I don’t feel it’s worth all this hassle =D

Thanks anyway!

I’ll just send him a .pak or something.

Hey Sean, I had turned off all the plug ins my project wouldn’t need, as it’s a mobile game that had to be as small as possible. Turns out i had turned off the Visual Studio integration plug in as well.

That’s all it was, It can compile for windows no problem now.

Turns out you need the Visual Studio Integration Plug in turned on =P