Single Player vs Multiplayer with Server

hi there

how do you test your mods to see if they work on a multiplayer setup?

i have some mods which work fine in single player, but i had some comments that some of it does not work on a multiplayer server…

Ask someone to make a server for you just to test out your mod.

Run the editor as a dedicated server? That’s the fastest way.


While this is the fastest way to test it, it is in NO way reliable as a test. I cannot state how many times I’ve had success in dedicated mode, but still had problems on actual servers. If its not working on dedicated servers (actual ones), then its more than likely due to lack of authorities being scripted in. I posted a more in depth reply to your other thread dubCUT with a link to an example of how to script in the authorities.

Aint that the truth! :stuck_out_tongue:

Be sure your your primal data bp is named: PrimalGameData_BP_yourmodname, not sure BP is required but mine only worked like that. I host a server next to my comp, another thing to try if you have full access to your server, ie your own machine, manually add the mod file in its mod directory instead of it downloading from steam automatically. not sure if it matters, but worked for me. I know not a direct answer to your question but might help as you make your mod public

thank you!! i’ll take a look at that.

Where is this example? something more to it then switch on auth? I have some questions for you about replication if you dont mind me asking. Mostly related to crashes on lan Dedicated server Vs Non-Dedicated