Single mesh vs prefabed parts


I want to ask if there is a significant difference in which of these is better for a level.

1: Exporting out a single fbx as the vehicle with the parts cloned in 3ds max and placed where they need to be to assemble it.
2: Exporting out my vehicle parts as just 1 of each unique item? Then assemble it in unreal with copies of the fbx parts for how ever many would be needed in a blueprint creation.

I find it easier to build it in the modeling software, but I thought of this as something that could make a difference during run time, but not a programmer.


What type of object is it? For environment meshes you would want to try to reuse meshes as much as possible, so you would have one object imported into the content browser and then you would place copies in your level. For something like a character/vehicle/weapon you only want to separate meshes when the gameplay requires it, say if you need to do something that requires the mesh to be separated.

I cant say much about the details of the asset as I am under a NDA.

I would say as a example for choosing one way or the other as it relates to my asset it would assemble as such:
example asset.JPG
so each shape/color would be the object I am just duplicating in 3ds max, to assemble this construct.

For the most part its just a static mesh I think.
so for something you would build with parts as if your using lego, but in terms of your finished asset, it does not ever appear different than the combination of its pieces.

Sorry for not having better example.
and thanks.

Yes, you would want to attach those types of things–in 3ds Max they would be the Element sub-object type since they would be part of an object but not welded together.

Thanks, yea I know how to do it, I have a diploma in 3d modeling and animation, but i was trained for rendering in max, not real time or for games.
So having it in multiple smaller poly count fbx’s and clone in the engine was my consideration for possibly being more optimized or something.

Thanks for your help.

In UE4 the number of objects in the scene lowers performance same as what happens in the 3ds Max viewport, so if you can keep the number of objects low that will help things. You can usually have a pretty high polygon count these days, so in a lot of cases it’s better to lower the number of objects.

Great that was exactly stated for the reason of this thread, you nailed my inquiry on the head.
Thanks so much.