Single material with different qualities?

can you show an image of your current material and or your character setup?
I think what you are looking for are material instances where you can change textures and parameters.


I feel like I have seen this before but nothing I am typing into Google is bringing up what I am looking for.
I have a character who has a single material / Element for her clothing. Some parts of it are metal, others leather, and others fabric. I have the texture PNGS for each of these parts, but only one Material node.

Is there a way to make each of these look like their respective materials (Specular, Emissive,Metallic, et cetera) without going back to the modeler and getting them to re-unwrap the project? If so, what is the keyword I need to be looking for? (Of if you are feeling generous I will gladly take a rundown! )

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(Had to censor because this is for a project)
As you can see there is only one slot for the clothing. Normally there has always been a different element per type of material which made editing them easy.

The black and white images are the ones that section off each type. I’m not sure what to do with them in the material editor in order to achieve the different textures. (Sorry I am still fairly new to UE )

Okay I see.
Since every element has their own material slot you don’t need the black and white masks.

What you need is parameters and Material instances so you have one master material and you can change the values and textures for the instances (for every element).

Right-click on the nodes and select “Convert to Parameter”.


If that is done you can create instances of your material. Right-click it in the content browser and select “Create Material Instance”. Now you can create 7 Instances and set the value and texture for every instance and apply the instance to the character.

Make sure to check the UE4 YouTube channel and watch the basics of Materials.

And PBR Texture Mapping.