Single Line Trace to My Character returns None, visibility = ignore

I can see the line being drawn from my Ai to MyCharacter and when it hits me, the line stops drawing, but the Hit Result , both Bool and HitActor are False and None
Only when I change, in MyCharacter components, CapsuleComponent collision from Pawn to BlockAll, does this work.

I assume this is because Visibility under the ‘Pawn’ collision preset is ticked under Ignore. Is there a reason for this? If so, why ? Am I ok to change it, or should I change my trace?


because you use trace by visibility i think. either way, when you trace your trace type must be blocked on the capsule, otherwise it’s ignored.

this helped me with an issue of a fps where single ray trace by vis was going through the character and not registering tried everything nothing was working thank you this fixed it.