Single Line Trace hit information break error

Hello, I’m trying to break a hit component from a single line trace and compare the hit actor to a custom player character, but I get the error: Error Default value ‘’ for Hit is invalid: ‘Literal values are not allowed for pass-by-reference parameters.’
Here’s a screenshot:
The two values being compared are the hit actor and the “array element” from the for each loop. When I remove the connection between “hit actor” and the comparison, all errors disappear. Any advice?

when you tried did you connect the exec output from get all actors to the exec input to for each loop ?

Not sure if this is related or not but I am not sure exactly what result will be in ‘OutHit’ if the ‘Return Value’ from ‘Line Trace By Channel’ returns false. I’ve always been told to check the ‘Return Value’ in a ‘Branch’ before using the ‘OutHit’ parameter. Might be totally unrelated

Wow, I think it’s time to refill that coffee cup. Thanks for pointing out my stupidity.