Single Layer Water Specular Reflections not blocked by Volumetric Clouds in 4.26

I’ve run into a really annoying issue with this shader that I can’t seem to find a fix or workaround for.

Specular reflections rendered from a directional light used as a sun will not be blocked by volumetric clouds. This also happens with other translucent materials. Specular reflections do get blocked with default lit shading.

Here is an example of what is happening, and how clearly wrong it is:

And here you can see the Sun’s specular highlight correctly blocked by the clouds on a default lit shader:

This example is using Ultra Dynamic Sky, but I couldn’t find anything that could be causing this issue.

Is there any way to get this to work?

After looking into it further, cloud shadows are not being cast on these surfaces either, so it isn’t just the specular highlight.

Also, I tested this in 4.27, and shadows do appear, but the specular highlight is still not shadowed.