Single Layer Water material does not seem to support UE5 Lumen Reflections

Hello everyone. I hope you are all having a good start to the week?

Over the weekend I decided to play around with a landscape and a lake water body in UE5. With just the flat landscape and the Lake water actor it looked good. The sky reflected nicely and everything.

I noticed a problem when I started adding Static Mesh actors around the Lake, and they did not show up in the reflection. At first I thought the problem could be nanite related, but toggling between Lumen reflections and Screen Space reflections in postprocessing volume shows that using Lumen reflections did not reflect Static Meshes.

Is this a current shortcoming of Lumen? Or is there a setting I can toggle to have Lumen reflections work with the Single Layer Water material?

Single layer water isnt supported by lumen now.

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Thank you, I will use a local post process volume for screen space reflections around the water areas for the time being then.