Single Developer needed - medium sized game

Wont say too much, but I had an idea for a game I wanted to make into a reality to be played by my friends. We are big RTS, FPS gamers. This is strictly a passion project, no pressure of kickstarter campaigns or stellar award winning graphics. But we do require a skill level to not only put this game together with smooth mechanics and video ready gameplay. Also the design aspect isn’t as important, even though it is a bonus. We are planning on buying premade assets as needed to speed up production. The style or theme can be explained by the below link. Ace of spades FPS


To reiterate. Paid project, budget is negotiable. I’m looking for a dev who may be out of work due to the pandemic and can dedicate the next few months. Please email me directly with your potential pricing for a 4 month project. Its at least a start to develop our games frame work and we can decide our next moves from there.](