Single Character

I am in need of a single Nude female character with four animations (walking, running, jumping, and falling). I would also need you to be able to make more animations IF NECESSARY in the future (for a separate payment).

My Budget: Negotiable

Hi there, what exactly you need? Modeling and Animation?

Hi poke1103,

My name is Serg and I run a small Art Studio ‘‘Ponylab’’.
We would really like to help you with this sezy lady.
I encourage you to consider this thing:
Why hire a human, when you can hire a bunch of ponies?
Meet ‘‘Ponylab’’ - a place, where born from Rainbows ponies craft a catchy art for amazing Games.

Please, check our portfolio here:

Regarding to your inqury: the estimated price is around $100 but I’d like to know the style you’re looking for (pixel-art/cartoon/realistic.

If you’re interested, please, contact me directly at