Since child actors are too buggy, how do you build modular levels?

Everyone I’ve talked to has told me to avoid child actors, because they’re simply too buggy to even use. A few days ago, I noticed it myself when placing a few of them in another actor, and they just began to jump around irratically when I used the movement gizmo.

But how else would you do it? I have a tile based game, and each tile is a blueprint actor. I now want to create modules from these tiles, so I can generate a semi-random level from those modules, but I’m getting flashbacks from the days before nested prefab in Unity now… it was basically a top complaint from users for years that they finally adressed… and now I’m here in Unreal and it’s the same horror show all over again! :eek:

I’m not going to do C++ (I never want to see that “something went wrong, please recompile from source” message ever again). So what are my options?

Using blueprints as a kind of prefab actor is fine.

There is also a free prefab thing on the marketplace:

The answer is apparently level instances, which incredibly enough, comes from a user submitted patch!

(Thanks to Jan Kaluza for the tip!)