(SIMULATOR) 3 Mining Trucks full VR Training simulator

Hi everyone, I am one of the co founders of Blacktree Interactive, we just finished a project for a Peruvian company using Unreal Engine 4 and coding everything in blueprints. We created our own education system and vehicle simulation system using blueprints, it´s amazing what can be made !! (We want to re code everything from scratch optimizing everything with the new things I learned about coding with blueprints and the project itself).

We had to create the Trucks using pictures taken there, we made the simulation based on the actual truck manuals, and working with AESA (the company we made the project for) we created the education workflow fitted to their teaching structure.

Because the audience is people not used to work with computers nor video games and this will be their first time using VR, we had to adapt, create and re create all the interaction and movements to be as easy for them as possible.

We used the amazing Underground Caves and Bunkers from the Marketplace as base for the ambient, their work is amazingly well done.

We cannot show the whole educational process yet, but here is a video (not completely smooth because of the video capture while in VR bottleneck I had) that shows some parts of the project.

I hope this encourages more people to work with blueprints… I will be happy to answer any doubts about it and I hope you liked it…