Simulation generates hit events too often

Hello! I’m trying to figure out how to get collision/impact sounds on my physics objects.

I’m currently making assets play a sound upon a hit event being triggered. However I’m having a bit of an issue.
When I just enable Simulate Physics, it only generates hit events when the player collides with it. No matter how hard it’s thrown against static meshes, they never generate hit effects, and in turn never play the impact sound.
If I turn on “Simulation generates hit events”, the impact sound is spammed continuously as it’s in contact with the collision of other assets, and not just events I would consider impacts.

How do I achieve a middleground? I.E play the sound when bouncing around, but not rolling down a hill.

Collision preset might be the problem, it has to be set to something like block(hit) when simulation generate hits events is turned on, however overlap is often used when generate overlap events is set to true

Not sure if you where able to solve this. I struggled with that a lot. My solution was to “Get velocity”->“Get length” from the hit actor and then check if the velocity is greater than 100. This number can vary - but this makes sure it only takes real hits into account. Also I do a “doOnce”, have added a random range delay, and reset it after that delay.
By the way, with the velocity you got a number that you then can use to play sounds based on hard it was hit.

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