Simulation Game


Hey Everyone, so my University broke up last week for a break for a few weeks and I’ve not got any work due for submission since the latest deadline was Thursday last week.
In the time waiting I’ve decided to start on a project which I’m hoping to be putting on the Unreal Marketplace at some point in the near future, I’ve got no particular name for it other than “Simulation”.
The goal of this project is to allow me to broaden my knowledge of the Unreal engine and possibly provide some content others can learn from as well.
First off though, Currently the AI can be extremely tempermental and I’ve implemented two types of behaviour tree layouts to get different responses, currently this works fine for the most part but will be improved over time.

  • Anyhow, the main goals for this project are:
  • Learning how to set up Behavior tree based AI actors and Blueprint exclusive based Actors. [Working]
  • Create a unique set of materials by a “simulation” type aesthetic.[Done]
  • Set up enemy encounters[Nearly done]
  • Set up levels with a variety of mechanics including portals, scoring system and time trial [Working on it]

With that all said and done, I’ve put a video up showing the current progress of what I’m working on.
Any comments or criticism would be greatly appreciated, it’s all still a bit of a learning curve for me but everything I learn from this is helping towards other bigger projects :smiley:


Hey all, I’m looking into whether I should continue this as more of a tutorial series or whether to make a full game out of it.
I’ve set up a twitter for quick updates as this is being worked on here:
Progress so far:

  1. Score system
  2. Health system
  3. AI & patrol system
  4. character system
  5. Destructible object selection with point score attached
  6. Health & ammo pick up system
  7. Materials and textures
  8. Weapon variety ranging from project to beam based systems.

I’m curious about what the community thinks of this so far and whether there’s any particular features people would like examples off?