Simulation game camera and character control how to setup it?

hello guy i’m planning in making a "sort of life simulation game like the sims games or others less well know games, then my question is toward the blueprint about character and camera moviments, i’ve found some tutorials about click in point and rts camera but none really about my question

what i want is:
1 - free roam camera, besides the main character i want to be able to "move around the camera it not will be locked to the characters like many rts games, like for exemple starcraft, i want to be able to move around the camera in the scene but also be able to “zoom it and out”, i don’t also want to the camera be full top/down i want something more isometric or like starcraft where you see in diagonal from top and also be able to change camera angle not only zoom in but change the angle for exemple to have a frontal view of the character, also in case i move too far away from the character have a option to make the camera “move back” to the character if i want.

2 - point and click the game will have a “playable character” but will be like the point and click games, where you move the character by clicking in a point and it just "move to the point.

3 - also be able to change the camera view, from the free camera roam, to a third person or to a first person view, i means be able to choose between 3 type of cameras, for exemple when you want to have a more "spartial vision yo use the camera free, if you want a more close you can choose to ther third or if you want you can go first person.

4 - interaction menu, the game will use the 2 mouse buttoms left buttom is when i click in any place with left it will enable a interaction menu, where i can choose options instead of "move to the place, for exemple i click in a random place in the ground near the character then instead of him move, a menu with options will appear where i can choose which option it have to do then click in that option the he do, for exemple a “move” option if i click in move then the character or walk or run to that place based on the distance(if the place is not too far then he will walk if is too far then he will run, or i can just have another 2 options will appear where i can choose between walk and run, for exemple if is a object like for exemple a bed and i click on it, will appear a option to choose between sit on lay down or sleep, then i choose one the character move to that place (walking or running) and do the animation i choose.
while i do have basic knowledge about how to setup animations,. like wak, run, attack and others, animations which you need do something interactions and need the character stand in the right place to start the animation i really don’t know how to setup then would love if someone could help with that, to show how to make the character go to the right place to do the animion “right”.

ok while i would love to have all the 4 questions answered, the 1 to 3 are on the priority to help me start with it, any help would be great.