Simulating Physics on pawn disabling Clients input

Hello everyone

I’ve come across an issue which I’ve been trying to solve but to no avail, I’m currently making a multiplayer game which relies on the Physics Thruster component for movement and I’ve found that without Simulate Physics checked on the Character Capsule in the Character Blueprints Viewport editor, the simple InputAxis event wired up to the Add Controller Yaw Input node rotates both the Server and the Client with both able to see what the other is doing and is all replicating fine.

However, since I’m using Physics Thrusters and turn Simulate Physics on, the Server player works completely fine and as intended, but the clients rotation seems to just turn completely client only, and will rotate to himself but not to the server, then just go off in a straight line when the Thrust is applied.

I’ve been trying to work out why simply adding Physics Simulation completely shuts off the clients input to the server and trying to find a way around and was wondering if anyone could help at all, or whether this is a bug in the engine.

Thanks for reading