Simulating physics on multiple bodies breaks PHaT

Hello, I am currently creating a model that has dynamic hair and tried to use the PHaT to get that result. When I set “simulated physics” to a chain of joints it works fine.

But, when applied to multiple joint chains, I get this result.

Now, let me explain the way I approached this.

I gave the roots of the chain a physics assets and set it to default., the rest of the chain is simulated. But once I did the same process to another set of bones that was higher up on the bone hierarchy, all the bones that were simulating physics that were below that set of joints on the hierarchy started zeroing out inside the head. The chain that was highest on the hierarchy list would work fine.

The head does have a physics assets in it for collision of the hair, but with or without it I get the same result. I would really appreciate some assistance on this because I’ve been trying to figure it out for a few days now.

Did you find any solution for this?I have exact same problem multiple bodies is not working.

I believe I did. Try to make the parent joints simulate physics, but make the parent joint lock its constraints so it doesn’t move. This should make the joints simulate as long as the parent joint is also simulating. If that doesn’t work try checking your constraints to make sure they’re linking to each other all the way to the parent joint, with the parent joint also constrained to its parent.