Simulating physics on car door

Hey everyone,
I am trying to simulate physics on a car door I made. Doors are just imported static mesh attached to a socket on a car body. Now, what I want to do is, while having the doors opened, to be moving accordingly while driving a car, like if I would accelerate they will close and so on. I know this is possible to do if I would import it as a single mesh, just add it physics body and everything will work, it happend to me already, but not with doors. But I want them also to be able to fall off which is not possible by importing it as one mesh. So what I am asking is how to simulate physics on a mesh, while still have it attached to the socket. Thank you.

Possibly better to do this with a rotator than using PhysX! If the car is driving forward, apply a swing backward to the door, if driving backwards, swing it forward, all relative to car speed if you like. It’s a seemingly naive solution, but it will probably get you better results than you would get with PhysX.

I am not using PhysX. Just physics engine of Unreal. PhysX is dedicated to nVidia. But thank you for your tip :slight_smile:

Sorry I should’ve just said Unreal Engine physics. UE4 uses PhysX as the back end for most physics!

for physical doors on a hinge which can break off, you should use a physics constraint.