Simulating physics on an HMD-controlled skeletal mesh?

I have a custom character with an antenna on its head, which flops around using the “Set All Bodies Below Simulate Physics” node. This works great.

But when I test the character in the Oculus Rift, the antenna goes crazy, (As in: the antenna is functioning fine in the standalone game view, I hit Alt+Enter to switch to the HMD, and the antenna is immediately going crazy.)

This seems to be due to large spikes of intermittent rotational velocity as a result of noisey HMD data.

Anyone else have experience with this issue? Any way to resolve it in Blueprint without diving down into C++? Any help is deeply appreciated!

EDIT: Sorry everyone, found a quick fix for this. I changed the “Collision Presets” of the head skeletal mesh to “Physics Actor” (“Ragdoll” also works too), instead of the default “CharacterMesh.” The problem may have been due to the fact that I had 2 identical skeletons layered on top of each other in the character BP, in order to use the same animations while enabling “Owner No See” on the head to fix clipping problems w/ head movement in the Rift. (Although the physics bodies were adjusted accordingly for the head/body, and that doesn’t explain why the issue was cropping up only in the HMD).