Simulating Open World(newbie)

Hi guys,
I noticed in the ‘Arid Desert’ pack(I believe that is the correct pack I am thinking of) there was a cylinder mesh that had a material laid out on it to simulate an open world. I picked it apart but I couldn’t figure out how to recreate it with a wilderness type of scene. I would really like to make it look like a forest that might go on forever(as if to simulate a lush forest type of planet). Does anyone know how to do this, or maybe an easier way? Any help would be much appreciated. I apologize if this has already been adressed in another post.


Could you be a little bit more specific of what you are trying to create? (dont know the package that you mentioned/dont know what is included) :slight_smile:
You just want to have a procedurally generated forest map?

If you want to have youre backround with the cylinder, then you just need to put a high-res seamless tileable picture =diffuse texture on the inner wall of that cylinder that surrounds youre actual map. adjust the cylinder so the horizon matches youre map surface. for blending that in a sky depends on what you use for the sky.

Awesome! That is exactly what I needed, now to figure out how. But youtube can answer most of it I’m sure. Thank you so much!

GameDev-dr hit it on the head, I’m not too too sure why I didn’t just say background. I would love to do some procedurally generated things like trees and grass, but I have no idea on how to go about it. I’m sure there’s a forum or video on it.