Simulating braided hairstyles (grooms)

Hello there!
I’m currently playing around with simulating hair using the new system for strand-based grooms in 4.25 preview 7 and I’ve come across an issue: simulating a long braid with good results.
I anticipated that this would be an issue since a braid, while consisting of several individual hair strands, would basically need to be simulated as a volume rather than individual strands in order to keep its shape. So now I’m wondering, how could one go about simulating the braid in this way inside Unreal while still keeping it as a groom? This is something I do as an experiment and I’m simply curious. Any ideas out there? Maybe this is something that’s simply not implemented in Unreal yet? I’m still new to strand-based hairstyle authoring and simulation so I’m not sure how one would normally go about solving this issue, which I imagine there are solutions for in movie production pipelines.

Any thoughts or knowledge about the subject would be greatly appreciated!

how apply texture on groom hair like tiger