Simulate ragdoll physics on Ball and Chain weapon?

So I made a weapon that is a ball and chain. The thing is at the moment, the mesh stays the same when you swing it. Its still like a normal sword. How can I make it move with physics as you swing the Ball and Chain? So the ball should move independently with the chain depending on where you swing it. How can I do that?

Did you make this with bones and IK? If yes then maybe look a bit deeper into topics like “Root motion” to get an accurate collission. Also “Set all bodies below simulate physics” to define from which part you simulate physics (Usually something like below the “stick” or “hand” the ball and chain is attached to).

2 Methods to doing this are.

  1. rigging it properly with bones and having it simulate physics.
    2.possibly use a physics cable actor with the cable as the chain and the ball attached to the end