simulate physics

Ok so when my player dies it simulate physics with no problem but when he respawns i set the character movement to walking and then i uncheck the simulate physics but for some reason that doesnt work well…how do i go from simulate to un simulated physics ?
Its like the camera is being detached and the player runs or moves in place

We need your code to better understand the situation.

Can you screenshot it?

bool AMyCharacterBase::IsAlive() const
if (Health > 0)
return true;
return false;

when my player dies it simulate physics and the capsule disconnects and i can still move the capsule around so i fix this with stopping character movement

Is the code for when your mesh dies in C++ ?
If it’s in blueprint, could you also send that as well?

When the player dies it simulate physics in c++ and stops the character movement

in blueprint it un-simulates which works with no problem

only problem im having is that the camera detaches if u look at the picture you can see that the player stands with no problem but the capsule moves without the player

How do you switch from un simulated physics to simulated physics with pawn. Looks like this is the main problem im having

Google is your friend! This should help How would my pawn go Ragdoll and then back to animations? - World Creation - Unreal Engine Forums