Simulate Physics object floats away?

Hello guys. I have made a monitor that when hit it changes its material to damaged and sparks and so on. However In order to make the sparks appear only on the screen I have set up another collision box that fits to the screen in blueprints. This works a treat but when I tick simulate physics on the SM the monitor starts to float away. The weight is 25 KG why is this floating away and how do I stop it?

Thanks guys

Could you post your blueprint setup?


Thank you or your reply. I have just figured it out. I had a collision box “block all” within my mesh to use with “Event hit”. When I turned on physics I guess the mesh was trying to get away from the block all collison box I had setup therfore giving me the floating motion. Instead of “Event hit” I used “Component BeginOverlap” to replicate a similar function :slight_smile:

Thanks again.

Im having the same problem with my Player Blueprint (that has a capsule collider) and my physics actors in the level flies off as soon as I use Set Actor Location.

Please write here if you find any solution to this problem.