Simulate Arrow keys pressed doesn't work

Hey community,
I’m currently writing code to automatically take ansel screenshots chained. Don’t know if you know it but you can’t access a lot of ansel so I need to simulate keyboard keys to configure the screenshot taken. So I have the code:

INPUT input = {0};
WORD vkCode; 
input.type = INPUT_KEYBOARD; 
switch(inputType) //my enum to detect which key needs to be pressed
case EInputType::Space:
vkCode = VK_SPACE; 
case EInputType::MoveRight:
vkCode = VK_LEFT; 
//I catch more but this is enough for demonstration
} = vkCode; 
SendInput(1, &input, sizeof(INPUT)); = KEYEVENTF_KEYUP; 
SendInput(1, &input, sizeof(INPUT));

So for spacebar this works really fine but for arrow keys this just doesn’t do anything for ansel. If I switch to UE Editor the inputs get send and received but in standalone ansel UI this just doesn’t do anything.
Does anyone have some idea for a workaround?