Simulate action input event through blueprints

The goal is to set focus on a combobox then give the simulated command of “enter” so the combobox list will open without the user actually inputting anything to the combobox. In theory of course.

How can i simulate a user input?

I think the user has to click it…

This is how i have now.

  1. blueprints sets focus to the combobox
  2. i push enter on the keyboard
  3. the combobox opens

I would like to replace step 2 with “blueprints tells the engine that enter is pressed (although it is not press on the keyboard).”

Is this possible?

No AFAIK. There are open-source automation programs though.
They’re used to ‘Automate-Testing’ from the Windows / OS side.

While hacky, you could write out a command to a CSV from BP.
A polling loop could check for a command and mimic keyboard…
This way you could sync BP to actual to keyboard / mouse input.

Also you can simulate combo box opens with interface / EV calls.:wink:

This sounds promising. Could you explain how to do this?

If you don’t actually need to interact or click / drag UI, you can use events to trigger things.
So just to be clear, understand that Interfaces / EV’s won’t be interacting with the UI itself…
All they do is help automate the logic after that - the events. But if this still sounds helpful…

You need to take an approach like watching Zak Parrish’s Blueprint Comms tutorial on YT.
As its not something that can be typed in a few lines on here and will make sense to you.
However, you need to learn about Interfaces / EV’s anyway to use UE. So its now or later…:wink: