Simulacrum - Cooperative PVE Game [Alpha Build Available Now!]

Hello everyone!

My name is Jonathon Frederick and I’m the lead designer on Simulacrum. I am excited to share with you what we have been working on the last 8 or so months.

Simulacrum is a cooperative PVE game where players can team up and complete objectives, solve puzzles and defeat challenging bosses. Take on hordes of unique enemies and factions as you progress the story, unlock cosmetics and gear, and customize your experience. Engage in fast, dynamic combat encounters and dominate the battlefield in style!

Since Summer 2019 Simulacrum has been in development by a team of 2 individuals with a strong passion for gameplay, visuals and narrative. Our project has been self funded using remaining earnings from my time developing assets for Unreal Engine’s Marketplace. In order to continue development of the game we require additional funding.

That is why today we have released a public alpha build for Simulacrum. We did not want to simply describe the game, or showcase screenshots - we believe that the best way for gamers to get what we are going for with this title is for them to get their hands on it and test it for themselves.

We would be honored if you would take a moment and check out the game, and consider helping us fund continued development to make this title reach its greatest potential!

**You can find out more about Simulacrum on our official website here.

Check out more screenshots in our Media page.

Be sure to check out our FAQ section for more detailed questions and answers.

Join our Discord Server to discuss the project with the developers. We would also love to hear feedback on the Alpha Build!

You can find Simulacrum on Twitter @SimulacrumDev]( @CalderaEnt](

And finally be sure to stop by our Downloads page to check out the Alpha Build!**

Thank you very much for checking out our game. We hope to hear your thoughts on it soon, and look forward to being able to continue production of this title!

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The Simulacrum alpha is now available on Check it out here!