Sims building system how to?

Looking to make a building system that is featured in this video that is made in Unreal Engine.

Wondering if anyone has any advice on how to approach this. Mainly focused on making the floor and wall system first.

That is an absolutely MASSIVE subject. I’ve had a look on utube and can’t really find anything. If we just look at dragging a wall into the game and placing it, you’ll need to know about widgets, spawning and probably get hit under mouse cursor.

In general, you’ll need to find out about:

Line traces
Get hit under mouse cursor
Attaching or snapping actors together ( maybe ).

To be honest, that’s too large of a question to ask here. I’ll break down some of the basics to get you started, but you’ll want to figure things out individually as you build out the system, and ask questions on a more specific basis.

So the first thing you want to do is be able to place actors on the ground. The easiest method I know is using two line traces to get the ground the cursor is pointing at. This link is for a different question I answered, but is useful here too. It’s the blueprint setup for getting where in the world the cursor is pointing at. To get that point to line up with a grid: split the vector, then for each float you want to add half the grid size, divide by the grid size, Floor the float, then multiply that value by the grid size, then make a new vector with the new values. This new vector will line up with any whole number grid size you want to specify.

Start working out the rest from there. When you get stuck, Google things first, because plenty of what’s needed is probably out there in pieces. And if you can’t find the information, then post a new question.

Good luck.