Is it not a bit unfair that unity get full intergration adn ue4 we need to play a min of 24.000$ a year to get it.


I believe you are mistaken:

  1. There is a free version of unity, but Unity Pro costs money
  2. Ue4 is 100% free, except “once you ship your game or application, you pay Epic 5% of gross revenue after the first $3,000 per product per calendar quarter.”

In other words, you’ll only need to pay (a very small amount) if you sell a good game. “We succeed when you succeed”.

Good luck!

No i am not talking about ue4, i am talking about simplygon.
The optimization program simplygon.
There it is a free plugin for Unity but you need to pay 24.000$ for the ue4 plugin

Yes true, But why dont we get also a plugin i know you still need a account but i am talking about the intergration.

Is there a alternative to simplygon?

It’s the same deal with speedtree. It used to be somewhere around $25k per title, then they adapted with the changing market (even though they have no competition). What’s annoying is that simplygon will do this eventually, but they’re either too stubborn or too arrogant to do so until it becomes a matter of survival. In the meantime they’re doing a lot of damage to their reputation in the ue4 community.

You could create your lod’s in your 3d program (by hand or use a plugin/script) :wink: -> pretty easy but not so fast as simplygon

There’s a free program called Reducto that’s probably the best thing I’ve seen for lowering poly counts. Definitely better than Simplygon.

Mixamo decimator seems to work good for me.