Simplygon problem

I instelled windows10 ,UE4.13 , VS2015 communit , DXSDK2010 , win10SDK and SimplygonSDKSetupReleasex64_8.1.6147.
I registed simplygon account and download a license of personal free , enter the license into simplygon for ue4 installer
and then, I start UEeditor.
it shows “LogSimplygon:Warning: Failed to initialize Simplygon. Error: 0.” in output log. In LOD setting, it still shows “auto mesh reduction is unavailable …”

BTW, → simplygon integrations → unreal engine(SDK only) is empty, while Unity not.

Hey xschen2233,

Follow the video provided by Simplygon on how to integrate into Unreal Engine 4. The field you are pointing out is empty because Simplygon is now free to use.

Simplygon - Getting Started

Be sure you follow the video exactly, but let me know if you are unable to still get it working.

Thank you,

thank you.
I have solve the problem.
I follow the video exactly, UE4.13 failed but UE4.14 succeed

To close my quesion, I have solved the problem
UE4.13 failed to integrate with the simplygon, but UE4.14 succeed.

It’s corrupted several projects for me :D. Driving me certified nuts!

Getting this error in 4.16.1 as of today :frowning: