Simplygon plugin is inaccessible

The external link on this page: leads to a login page with no way to sign up.

In fact, there is absolutely no information whatsoever on their site how one may obtain an account.
What’s up with this? Should it be removed?

Seems like they are changing their business model after they got acquired by Microsoft. I sent them an email asking about this almost a month ago and they still haven’t answered.

I wouldn’t worry about it, Epic added a tool that does the same thing and is very similar

I was mainly interested in the proxy mesh generation for HLOD, which the built in generator can’t do at this time.

What is the tool?

I’m needing it <3

It’s not even close yet. Selling point of Simplygon was fact it cloud generate LOD of entire levels with World Composition (and/or for Hierarchical LOD).
Current Tool in engine can only handle single meshes.

“External link” leads to Simplygon login page

If anything doesn’t work, it’s usually the best to reach out Simplygon via Twitter :wink: