Simplygon - Morph Targets in Skeletal Mesh LODs

I’m trying to get Morph Targets to work when using Simpylgon for auto generating LODs.

I’ve got a character mesh with morph targets, they work on LOD0 fine, but when using Simplygon to generate further LODs, they have no affect.

In the release notes for version 1.2.163 at the bottom of this document it says:

Added support for Morph targets for Reduction. Morph targets should now be preserved
after reduction

I’m not finding this to be the case, has anyone had success using Simplygon with morph targets, am I missing something?

If you use 4.14 and then test the new LOD autogenerate feature, does it work then?

As far as I know the new feature in 4.14 only works with static meshes - so I’m using the actual Simplygon Integration which is now “free”, on the Marketplace.

@Mosel3y , have you find a solution?, im in your same position, i create lods for my characters with simplygon and lost my morph targets. Thanks !!

@LeandroKanishka2 Unfortunately not. I am pretty sure in the end I just adjusted the Screen Size setting in the LODs so that the mesh would switch to the version with the morph targets at the point that they would become noticeable (And just left the other LODs without morph targets, this was for facial expressions so it was only noticeable when the player was close enough to be seeing LOD0 anyway). In hindsight I suppose it makes technical sense that morph targets wouldn’t work automatically, since the topology is different for different LODs.

DONE !!! FIND IT !!! I figured out, using maya + simpligon, (or the simplygon app stand alone) . If you open the simplygon plugin in maya or the external app, simplygon main software apears. There you can paint vertexs of your mesh witch dont want to reduce poligons, reduce all the other data and save it in a fbx file. Then you have a LOD created without looses vertex of morph target and with reduced tris. This is an old video but can help other people: enjoy!