Simplygon included in engine or not?


I use world composition in my game and have some problems with lod generating. Bug is reported but.

I’m not sure, following World Composition in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.3 Documentation

Unreal Engine 4 ships with a Simplygon integration, but you will need a license from Simplygon to use it.

This confusing me. Do I need install additional Simplygon modules or not? Current install SimplygonSDK 8.2.352.28 is for Unreal Engine 4.18 still and I’m on 4.19 already, so I even can’t try. From description as I understand I not need it, just I need licence, what I have already.

Some help?

Thank you++

As far as I can tell, you need to install the Simplygon SDK and then use their installer to make Simplygon available to UE, but they don’t provide that installer for UE 4.19 anymore. I don’t believe there is any way to get Simplygon running in 4.19 which is why I stay with 4.18.
It’s really funny how Epic and/or Simplygon are messing this up. You can’t very well use assets without having some sort of LOD reduction. there is Instalod but they stopped supporting indy developer and don’t even give a price anymore on their website, which probably means it’s astronomical.
The only hope is really to wait if Simplygon provides a way to integrate their product in UE 4.19 again. You can go to their site and ask but I haven’t read much positive info in their forums regarding that matter

This is terrible news. We moved to 4.19 to have a more improved engine version, and not have our mesh reduction editor gutted from our project. Has anyone reported this to Epic yet?

Like how do you completely remove something that people depend on without letting the community know that it is being deprecated or unsupported in the upcoming release?!

Also, 4.19 has literally been the worst engine release I have experienced thus far. Since we have already moved to this version and been working on it for a while, we will have to hope to god that Epic and Simplygon updates the plugin so it works in the editor.

As I know, you can get simplygon from github and build your own for your game, 4.19 too. I will ask my friend, who is more skilled in things like this. Anyway, this is confusing.

I ask because here is some kind of simplygon in engine, you can make lods, what is simplygon feature. But it not work for example with level lods, in World Composition. Means, you can build it still, but chunks are broken and not fit each other. Now I’m working on other game parts, but I will back to world and I will be angry again…

Right. The problem is, that no matter how you build simplygon (even using Github), it doesn’t seem to work correctly for 4.19.

Yeah, the documentation is confusing with out it points out it is meant as a replacement for the Simplygon system however, as far as I know, the HLOD and Proxy Systems for creating LODs for levels and landscape actors is different than the one’s used Static meshes. Additionally, the integrated one for Static meshes is different than the one for Skeletal meshes (the one I am trying to get to work).

Sigh… -_-

Thanks for info, I have some progress in my game, and now I hit not solved problems with ai, simplygon and retargeting animations… After ower 1.5 year of work I’m on crossroads…

That’s a shame to hear. Let’s hope this issue is resolved in the next release.

I have upgraded to 4.19, and I can make LOD’s just fine for my static meshes. The mesh reduction settings are all there. Is this just a built in feature, or is it Simplygon?

Yes, that’s question I posted.